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Kitchen Proposal

The design of this room was to be promote clean lines, and easy maintenance. I chose a Corian work top to enable the joint between work top and upstand to be a continuous curve, eliminating the need for a silicone joint. The same was with the sink area, with grooved draining board, and integrated Corian sink, with stainless steel plug.

On the island unit, with a low coved upstand there was not the room for wall mounted plugs, so i used the corner areas on the breakfast bar top to position pop up sockets, which are hidden within a cupboard accessible form the reverse side of the island.

The client was keen not to have a bulky extractor, so i designed one to be integrated into the dropped ceiling panel, and keeping it white to match the ceiling colour, also helped to disguise it. I also designed an induction hob into the island for easy cleaning and extra surface area when switched off. I added a touch of glamour to the island with solid glass rock pendant style lighting. There is an additional glow of ambient lighting in the island dropped ceiling panel, and also within the glass shelves above the sink zone.

Denaeyer Designs Kitchen refit image 1jpg
Denaeyer Designs Kitchen Refit image 2
Denaeyer Designs Kitchen Refit image 3
Denaeyer Designs Kitchen refit image 4
Denaeyer Designs Kitchen refit Image 5
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